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The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) Journal published an article on using ultraviolet light in HVAC systems as an alternative to coil cleaning.  Although the use of this technology is relatively new, it offers multiple benefits of germicidal UVC technology and energy conservation.

“UVC’s growing popularity has been fueled by the trend toward green/sustainable building practices and offers diverse operational advantages:

  • Improved air quality by preventing the spread of infectious disease
  • Energy savings
  • Maintenance savings
  • Equipment service life

UVC improves air quality by preventing the spread of infectious diseases, and also by reducing the allergy and asthma symptoms commonly triggered by biofilm, a matrix of bacteria, mold, debris and other organisms that are widely prevalent in air handlers.  Additionally, UVC creates safer, more comfortable indoor environments and has been linked to improved productivity in office buildings, reduced absenteeism in schools, and reduced likelihood of occupant complaints.”

Read the entire article by Robert Scheir, PH.D.pdf (940.8K)